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Bridges Playing Fields/PlayGround 

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Proposal for a Dog Exercise Enclosure
Dog mess is the most unacceptable and offensive type of litter on our streets. Our research tells us that dog fouling is the issue the public are most concerned about.

Dog fouling is not only deeply unpleasant, it is dangerous. Whilst rare, contact with dog excrement can cause toxocariasis (click to read more about it) – a particularly nasty infection that can lead to dizziness, nausea, asthma and even blindness or seizures.

It’s no wonder dog fouling is such a problem – there are estimated to be more than 8 million dogs producing more than 1,000 tonnes of mess every day in the UK alone.

We have new signage, but that does not always do the trick 

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Unfortunately, a few have spoiled it for the majority and as Bridges is a children's playground/play area and now a frequently used football pitch it was proposed to publish a poll to see what the public thought of having a contained dog exercise area.

The results of the poll where overwhelmingly for it, with a sample size of 108 people. It was voted at June 28th 2022 Open Spaces Meeting to go ahead. More info to come 

Next Steps - Statement 

Dog Exercise Area

Bridges Playing Fields, Canberraway, Warton. PR4 1XY

Statement from Bryning with Warton Parish Council - April 2023

Faced with the ever increasing incidence of dog fouling on all areas of Bridges Playing Fields in Warton, more in
particular the Football pitches and playground areas, coupled with a plethora of complaints from various sources,
Parish Councillors were faced with the options to try to reduce the problems in the interests of Health and Safety for
all users of the facility.
Many local factors have influenced an increasing number of visitors to the park, and while most welcome and
encouraged by the Council, unfortunately there is always a minority that do not seem to have due consideration for
Acknowledging that while generally most dog owners are responsible and clean up the dog's faeces (Keep Britain
Tidy website indicates 90%) it is the minority which cause an antisocial problem that desperately needs addressing.
The potential infection of Toxocariasis alone poses a significant health risk, particularly to our children, but having to
clean faeces off clothing, footwear and parts of the body is messy and revolting even for the hardiest of stomachs!
Sporting teams should not be expected to play in such an environment!
Enforcement and subsequent prosecution is impossible without clear and definitive rules in place. It also would be
extremely costly for the Parish Council to provide a monitoring and enforcement service, which many non-pet
owners may feel unjustified.
The alternatives were reviewed and rightly it was felt unfair to ban dogs from the site completely! The need for
owners to have greater control of their dogs by having them on a leash was an obvious consideration. An online
social media canvas to the community in JUNE 2022, proposing the idea of providing a designated enclosed area on
the Park; where dogs could still be allowed to run and play, was held. Naturally there were some member
reservations about the proposal but it was supported by the majority of respondents and of course the Council
needed to do something.
The Parish Council are providing clear regulations for dog owners visiting the site to enable the Borough dog
enforcement officer to take any necessary action as and when appropriate. Given the vast remit for that role it is not
thought, however, it would address the full extent of issues at Bridges playing fields alone.
To this endeavour in recognising that dogs do need to be able to run and play a specific Dog Exercise area has been
designated, to the western side (Away from the Football Pitches) where dogs will be allowed off lead but elsewhere
they are allowed only on a lead.
All visitors to the site are requested to respect these regulations and recognise their responsibilities, as dog owners,
toward the other users of Bridges Playing Fields.
Mr A J Wood
Clerk to the Council
Bryning with Warton Parish Council

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