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Warton at a Crossroads 

The FULL Powerpoint Presentation that has been shown at the Consultation is linked for you to download HERE. (If you want to watch as a presentation Press F5 on your laptop).
We urge you to read it to establish history and context, however if you just want the plans they are below

Following a survey taken at the first two sessions of the Consultation Process, feedback and comments were sought from residents.  Cllr Mrs Angela Normanton has summarised  the findings here.

Warton at the crossroads Regeneration Concept Plan Consultation and Analysis

The survey asked a series of 5 questions that linked to the Warton Regeneration Concept Plan (Version 7). We wanted to ascertain which categories were important to Warton residents: Parking, Walking, Meeting People, Combined Café, and Book Exchange, Cycling Safely. 
The results show parking, walking, meeting people and having a combined café and book exchange were of significance importance with over 80% of people surveyed agreeing these were extremely important, very important and somewhat important. In the category of cycling safely, the results show some overall importance but with less people considering this to be extremely important or very important. However, this could be because there were fewer cycle users completing the survey.

There were a small number of residents (less than 16%) who believed none of the categories were of importance. One resident commented: ‘there is nothing of note in the centre to warrant any importance’.

On further analysis of the comments made on the survey and at the consultation event, there were several emerging themes, the most significant being road safety, both for pedestrians and motorists. One resident commented that it is important Warton is a safe place for children to play. While another resident was concerned about the safety of having a shared cycle/pedestrian footpath, and parking on the shop forecourts. Several residents were also concerned over speeding traffic on both Harbour Lane and Church Road.

In addition, community spirit was viewed important, particularly in having a place to meet other Warton residents. As one resident commented: ‘Anything to maintain or enhance the community centric nature of the village would be brilliant’. While another resident commented ‘The idea of a village square would be lovely’.

There were several other suggestions/comments made about the regeneration concept plan:

  1. To install bollards that could be erected and removed when needed

  2. To ensure access to the village centre amenities for emergency services

  3. To ensure access for all service uses in the village centre

  4. To minimise potential ‘bottle-necks’ of traffic at peak times

  5. To increase lighting and CCTV

In conclusion, the data and comments suggests there is overwhelming support for the regeneration of Warton Village Centre with a few requirements, as highlighted above.

The Council and the Working Party thank you for your input and look forward to your further engagement at future consultations

Version 7 of Concept plan (after considering some key stakeholder feedback) 
if viewing on a mobile phone, save to photos then zoom in on key.

concept Version 7.png
playground firm.png

There is a great deal of work being done at the moment surrounding the 'Neighbourhood Development Plan' that includes the regeneration of the Village Centre. This Plan was/is a future vision for Bryning with Warton Village, originally put together several years ago. For one reason and another including COVID and integration with County and Borough Plans, it had never got started. In the coming months we hope to engage with stakeholders and motivated residents that can help carry it forward. If you have any interest in being on a Working Party, please get in touch.

More info and links to Neighbourhood Development documents HERE

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