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Who are The Council

There are currently vacancies for Councillors on the Parish Council 

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Clerk for further details. 



NAME: Cllr Mrs Angela Normanton 

OCCUPATION: Retired Teacher 

BACKGROUND: Born in Cyprus. Brought up in Brierfield and Nelson. Married with 1 child and 2 stepchildren. Primary school teacher for 15 years and Lecturer in Primary Education for 15 years. Moved to Warton in 2017 and absolutely love the village and surrounding area. Retired from Education in September 2021

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Children, Schools and Families


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Caring, Considerate and Compassionate

NAME: Cllr Mr Patrick O'Reilly

OCCUPATION: Retired accountant

BACKGROUND: Born and bred in Warton, moved away (as far as Freckleton) returned to the village 2001

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Family, (a very large one)

COMMITTEES: Finance Chair, Vice Chair Full Council



NAME: Cllr Mr Rodney Wilson


BACKGROUND: Lived in Warton all my life & is eager to see it thrive as a community

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Keeping my word, Community, Family and Work


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Hardworking, Motivated, Caring

NAME: Cllr Mr Ken Normanton

OCCUPATION: Retired Builder

BACKGROUND: Born & Bred in Nelson Lancashire, time served plumber. Married with three children. Moved to Warton 4 years ago (best move ever made)

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Warton Allotments, my wife and kids, classic motorcycles

COMMITTEES: Chairman of Employment Committee

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Hardworking, Passionate and Forthright

jim cartmel.jpg
ken profiles.jpg

NAME: Cllr Mr Jim Cartmell

OCCUPATION: Retired Market Garden Trader  

BACKGROUND: Third Generation Wartoner. Grandfather & Father both Farmers.10 years in building trade, then opened own Nursery Business (Nine Acres Nursery) 15 years mentoring and volunteering with Warton in Bloom (Bloomin Warton) regularly winning awards

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Nature, and keeping Warton looking beautiful.


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: Hardworking, Practical & Fair


Could this be you?


If you are interesting in becoming a Councillor yourself:-
Bryning with Warton Parish Council - Just a Brief guide
The Parish Council at full strength is Nine Councillors.
The Full Parish Council normally meets once a month on the first Tuesday of the month.
The current arrangement for Full Council Meetings is to use the Warton Village Hall, Church Road, Warton PR4 1BD (Owned and operated by Trustees, we have a historic arrangement but more elaboration if you join the Council). It is central to the Parish,
easily accessible and has plenty of room.
The meeting room at the Blackburn Pavilion, Bridges Playing Fields, Canberraway, Warton PR4 1XY 
(Owned by the Parish Council) has been used in the past when the Village Hall was unavailable and is more often used for committee meetings.
The Council employees, Clerk, assistant Clerk and Lengthsman are on site at the Pavilion on Monday and Wednesday mornings between 10.00am and 12:30ish. You are welcome to call in and have a chat but recommend calling us first as we do go out and about in the Village or can be on errands some of the time. The Clerk and Assistant Clerk do essentially work from home the rest of their time.
Under certain circumstances meetings can be deferred (or even cancelled) such as if it is not going to be quorate (Less than 3 Councillors available to attend), the Chairman/Council decide to defer or choose a different day/date.  This has happened in the past both for full Council and some committee meetings.
Councillors are summonsed to attend the meetings by the Clerk but if a Councillor is not able to attend for whatever reason (holidays, illness, other commitments) they can send apologies right up to the last minute, officially it should be in writing, either to the Chairman or more normally the Clerk but as in the past through a fellow councillor is quite acceptable. (Emails or text messages are all acceptable but bear in mind that very late notice does have to be communicated for the apology to be recorded).
Meetings historically start at 7.15pm. This was to allow Councillors at Full Council to review planning applications for quarter of an hour from 7.00pm before the meeting started. This does not apply anymore as the planning applications are reviewed online. (Save greater explanation when you join the Council if needed). For that reason our meetings just tend to start at 7.15pm but again it is not set in stone.

Due to vacancies on the Council some of the committees have not been as active as when we had a full compliment.
Some functions of the Parish Council are allocated to committees although all Parish Councillors are members of all the committees. This is a practical measure but Councillors may request not to be on certain Committees.
Committee meetings are called by the respective Chairperson as needed and do not necessarily meet on a routine or frequent basis.
The current separate committees are:
Open Spaces, Recreation and Events (Currently scheduled every other month, more meetings in summer than winter)
2022- 23 Cttee. Chairman Cllr J Cartmell 

Finance (4 meetings a year, Should meet at least once a quarter)
2022 -23 Chairman Cllr P O'Rielly
Employment (Meet as required but at least once a year)
Nominated 2023 - Ken Normanton 
Three Council Employees - Clerk, Tony Wood - Assistant Clerk, Denize Ashton - Lengthsman, John Ellis. 
If interested, contact 

Tony Wood
Clerk to the Council
Bryning with Warton Parish Council
Contact Number 07484 007097  email 

More info to download HERE
You can also check out:  (National Association of Local Councils) (Lancashire Association of Local Councils)

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