Who are The Council

There are currently vacancies for Councillors on the Parish Council 

If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor please contact the Clerk for further details. 

Chairman NAME: Cllr Mrs Julie Brickles

OCCUPATION: Full time Councillor and volunteer BACKGROUND: Born in Barnsley I’ve lived in Fylde since 2002, I’m married to Michael and have five children and four grandchildren.

PASSIONATE ABOUT: My Community & the Environment COMMITTEES: All Committees

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Spirited, Patient & Environmentally friendly

NAME: Cllr Mr Patrick O'Reilly

OCCUPATION: Retired accountant

BACKGROUND: Born and bred in Warton, moved away (as far as Freckleton) returned to the village 2001

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Family, (a very large one)

COMMITTEES: Finance Chair, Vice Chair Full Council


NAME: Cllr Mr Rodney Wilson OCCUPATION: Builder

BACKGROUND: Lived in Warton all my life & is eager to see it thrive as a community

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Keeping my word, Community, Family and Work

COMMITTEES: Chair of Open Spaces

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Hardworking, Motivated, Caring

NAME: Cllr Mr Ken Normanton

OCCUPATION: Retired Builder

BACKGROUND: Born & Bred in Nelson Lancashire, time served plumber. Married with three children. Moved to Warton 2 years ago (best moved ever made)

PASSIONATE ABOUT: Warton Allotments, my wife and kids, classic motorcycles


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Hardworking, Passionate and Forthright

NAME : Cllr Mrs Elaine Gregoire

OCCUPATION: Youth & Community Worker / Foster Carer

BACKGROUND: Born & Bred Lytham St Annes, Married with four children and one grand child. Founder of Streetwise

PASSIONATE ABOUT: All children being able to access any hobby or activity


3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Motherly, Encouraging, Passionate

NAME: Cllr Mr Michael Gilbert OCCUPATION: Retired

BACKGROUND: Councillor for 50 years (is that a record?)


COMMITTEES: All except Communications

3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF? Stalwart, Straight-talking, stoical